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The Ameraucana chicken is a popular breed in the poultry world, known for its unique characteristics and distinctive blue eggs. Developed in the United States in the 1970s, the Ameraucana was bred from Araucana chickens brought from Chile. Here are some key points about the Ameraucana chicken:


  • Appearance: Ameraucanas have a distinctive look with their pea comb, muffs, and beard, which give them a fluffy face. They come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, buff, silver, wheaten, and white.

  • Size: They are a medium-sized breed. Roosters typically weigh around 6.5 to 7.5 pounds, while hens weigh about 5.5 to 6.5 pounds.

  • Temperament: Ameraucanas are known for their friendly and calm demeanor. They are generally good with children and can adapt well to both confinement and free-range conditions.




  • Egg Production: Ameraucana hens are good layers, producing around 150-200 eggs per year. Their eggs are a unique blue color, which makes them highly desirable.

  • Meat: While primarily valued for their egg-laying capabilities, Ameraucanas can also be used for meat, though they are not as large as some other dual-purpose breeds.


Care and Management


  • Space Requirements: Ameraucanas do well in both confined and free-range conditions, but they benefit from having space to roam and forage.

  • Feed: A balanced diet with a good quality layer feed, along with access to greens and insects while foraging, will keep them healthy and productive.

  • Health: Ameraucanas are generally hardy and healthy birds. Regular health checks, clean living conditions, and proper nutrition will help prevent common poultry diseases.


Notable Traits


  • Blue Eggs: One of the most distinctive features of Ameraucana chickens is their blue eggs, which are a result of the pigmentation from biliverdin, a byproduct of hemoglobin breakdown.

  • Hardiness: Ameraucanas are known for their hardiness and adaptability to various climates, making them a reliable breed for different environments.

  • Unique Appearance: Their muffs, beards, and variety of color patterns make them an attractive addition to any flock.


Benefits of Raising Ameraucanas


  • Unique Egg Color: The blue eggs of Ameraucanas add a unique and desirable element to any egg collection, making them popular among backyard chicken keepers and small farmers.

  • Friendly Nature: Their calm and friendly temperament makes them easy to handle and a good choice for families with children.

  • Adaptability: Ameraucanas can thrive in a variety of living conditions, from backyard coops to larger free-range setups.


Ameraucana chickens are an excellent choice for those looking for a friendly, hardy breed that produces unique and attractive blue eggs. Their distinctive appearance and calm nature make them a favorite among poultry enthusiasts and backyard chicken keepers.

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